Welcome to My Next Junket!

I am the mother of a teenage boy who I sometimes refer to as Darth (the sighing, heavy breathing, and death stare upon being asked to clean the dishes clinched it for me).  I am a recent widow finally coming out of a misty swamp of longing and ache after losing my dear Honey of 20 years.

I am a constant learner tackling the mysteries of the homefront, which DH took care of solely and by choice (life with a perfectionist means that no one else will ever do it quite right).  First on my list is tackling the art of cooking as DH cooked 99% of the time–a gift for which our poor son pays now by trying every recipe I try.  Part of my curriculum will also include sewing,  as a sewing machine has been taking up space in my office for some time; woodworking, as I am determined that our son will learn to use his father’s tools; and gardening, as DH had varying sizes and makes of every tool needed for a large English garden or small vegetable patch.

In addition, I enjoy reading, journaling, drawing, photography, and travel.  Oh, and in my “work” life, I am an operations researcher (think economic analysis).

I hope that you join me on my travels through this new life of mine–my next junket–and that you find something that inspires you, lifts you up or just makes you chuckle.

Thank you for visiting!