A song touches my heart

As I sat in my office early this morning, looking out my window at the sun coming up behind the clouds, the leafless trees standing tall on the stage with the clouds acting as a curtain behind them, I heard the Bruno Mars song Talking to the Moon and it touched my heart.  It may touch  yours also.

2 thoughts on “A song touches my heart

  1. Ok, sister-friend, I’ve been reading everything you’ve entered, but as you know my life is quite the whirlwind, so I’ve not taken time to “respond” until you went and put this song on here! First of all, I cried…I can’t imagine the ache in your moments of longing…I pray for you consistently. Second, did you know I’m a “Closet Bruno Junkie”? That man’s talent is immeasurable! What an amazing/moving song… My kids will grow weary of hearing “my” version of it from the stage in my kitchen! Love you, dear friend.

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