Movie Review 12/02/16


One of our newly minted traditions is Friday night movie and pizza.  My son picks out the movie, usually a funny teen-acceptable flick.  Once I approve his recommendation (or exercise my veto power and wait for next recommendation), I order the pizza and we are off to the races (or the blue sofa in our case).

Each week I will write a short review of the movie watched that Friday.  In writing these reviews, I will not focus on the merits of the film’s cinematography, the actors’ motivation, the special effects studio work or any real cinematic techniques.  This is NOT the Roger Ebbert blog.  (Who is he?  Only one of best film reviewers of our time).   My reviews will be based on how it made us feel and how much we laughed.  All movies will be from Amazon Prime or Netflix.

This week’s movie was Nine Lives (Amazon Prime $5 rental), starring Kevin Spacey, Jennifer Garner, Mark Consuelos, and Christopher Walken.  Enjoying crazy Walken alone was reason enough for me to watch it.  Right off the bat, I will say that this movie was panned by the critics–the Roger Ebbert crowd.  However, it fared well in our household.  It is the story of a workaholic dad (Spacey) that puts his company and pet project above his family, particularly affecting his young daughter, and finds that there is a price to pay for such selfishness.  You will also see the greedy, self-serving executive (Consuelos) ready to sell out his boss (Spacey), and the mom (Garner) just trying to keep it all together.  As always, Walken plays an eccentric character.  Enough said.

Was it a deep and insightful story line?  Hmm . . . No.  Did it target a particular group? The COAA (Cats of America Association), if it existed, definitely would not be pleased.  Did the cat’s Cirque du Soleil maneuvers look realistic?  No.  Was it silly? Yes.  Did it make us laugh?  Yes.  Did it provide at least $5 worth of humor and special time with my son?  Absolutely.



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