All is well . . . Wish you were here


Grieving is a complex process. The ups, the downs, the moments of suspended animation.  You wish the person was still here but know that he or she is just waiting at the next stop.  For various reasons, death always seemed to hover around us.  Several times it would dip sharply and almost touch us, and then back away.  Never completely leaving us but stepping back far enough for us to enjoy another season.

One year before my DH passed, I came across this image.  It contains part of Henry Scott-Holland’s sermon delivered while King Edward VII was lying in state at Westminster.  It struck me so that I saved it in my family photos’ file.  I remember even reading it aloud to my DH as I found such comfort and beauty in the words.  We then discussed how we both believed that death was not an end-all but merely a break.  Little did I know that my faith would be tested 13 months later.  Words can’t capture the longing and emptiness that engulfs someone after losing a loved one.  But I never felt alone, lonely maybe, but not alone.  One eventually starts seeing light again in everyday things.  Having a cup of coffee with a friend, watching a game with your son, even doing laundry.  I truly believe our loved ones are waiting for us, just around the corner.

5 thoughts on “All is well . . . Wish you were here

  1. beautiful!! its amazing how you can find connection and warmth in someone’s words who you have never met. May God give you more strength. This life is a test for all of us may He make us persevere till the very end! 🙂


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