My very first blog post


Well, here I am.  I realize that I may be writing this just for me to read.  But in case someone stumbles upon this blog (like you), I will do my best to provide tidbits that inspire, inform, or just make you smile.

Why blog now?  Well, I have talked about starting a blog for some years now.  My husband, my own cheerleading squad captain,  always told me that I should do it.  In his eyes, there was nothing I could not do (except maybe for cooking–more on that in later posts).  As is typical in life, things are not always on our terms or timeline.  After 20 years of looking over to kiss my Honey before getting out of bed, I lost him earlier this year.  It was pure bliss to wake up next to this man every day and know that he loved me–unconditionally and unwavering.  Our teenage son lost a partner in crime (“don’t tell Mami”), a teacher, and a friend.  As our son has grown these past few months, I see more of his father in him every day.

So, after almost 8 months of watching life through a hazy film separating me from the world, I am peeking through and looking for the sun–seeking its light and its warmth.  With this post, I am dipping my toe in the sunshine.

“I can do all things through Christ who strengthens me.”  (Philippians 4:13 NKJV)

15 thoughts on “My very first blog post

  1. Welcome to the blogging world though I wish it was under better circumstances that you landed here. From this first post I’ve learned we have several things in common: 1) I started a blog after my husband died, 2) he always thought I could do anything, and 3) except for cooking. LOL


  2. Hi and Welcome to the blog sphere. I’m Esther, and I hope you are able to achieve what you wanted by creating a blog. If you need any guideline or tips on how it works here I’ll he glad to help.


  3. Hi… And welcome to the blog sphere.
    I’m Esther, and I hope you would be able to achieve what you want by becoming a blogger. I have been blogging for two months and a few days now. If you need any guide or tips I’ll be glad to help.
    Being new isn’t exactly fun, and I can relate well with that.


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